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PVTech ECU Research & Development was established in 2013 by Padelis Floudas.

Padelis Floudas is an Electronics Engineer, Software Engineer, Motorcycle Mechanic with great love for motorcycles, and numerous hobbies. Since his early childhood, he has been highly interested in how things work and has always found his way into disassembling devices of any type in order to figure out how they work. Moreover, he was intelligent enough to reassemble each device back to its normal working condition, which was a surprise for a 10-years old child.

At later years, he found interest in motorcycles and he spent much time rubbing shoulders with motorcycle mechanics and tuners to learn the job by trade while he was studying Electrical Engineering at the Technological University of Athens. While studying motorcycle engines, he soon figured out that while there were numerous ways to tune the engine, there was no option to tune the ECU on the latest, of that period, motorcycle models. So, he got into action at around 2003! Being part of a world wide reverse engineering team at that period, he is considered to be one of the first to have reprogrammed an OEM motorcycle ecu and has provided the knowledge to newcomers in the ECU reverse engineering industry!

pvtech ecu research 02 pantelis floudas

At 2013, the PVTech ECU Research & Development company was established in Ioannina, Greece and soon enough it gained great reputation around the professional tuners industry around the world. The PVTech ECU software tools are known for their simplicity, efficiency and “peace of mind”, when tuners are using them. Besides that, the immediate customer support and personal contact with all customers is a well known aspect, since Padelis wants to offer the best to each one of his customers and he always keeps his ears open for new suggestions and improvements concerning his software products. PVTech ECU Research and Development was the first company to offer motorcycle ECU programming by using the motorcycle’s diagnostic plug, while other ECU tuning products’ users had to remove the ECU from the motorcycle to make just one simple change.

Through out the years, the development has never stopped and often the PVTech ECU products are considered to be the reference tool for motorcycle ECU tuning. That is one of the reasons why many motorcycle racing teams use the PVTech ECU products. Another important reason is that the PVTech ECU products are following the motorcycle manufacturer’s ECU reprogramming standards and protocols, making the tune “transparent” in the factory’s diagnostic tool, so the dealership can do proper diagnosis for faults on a tuned ECU.
Keep in mind that you won’t find a PVTech ECU product on your regular motorcycle mechanic shop, but you will find a PVTech ECU product in an experienced ECU tuner’s toolbox! The PVTech ECU expertise and experience has brought collaborations with many companies around the world, not only in the motorcycle tuning industry but also in the car and snowmobile tuning industry leading to many “first in the world” achievements like ECU reflashing using a mobile phone device back in 2018!

By taking in account every customer’s feedback and opinion, the company keeps pushing free software updates to all its customers, once in a while, offering support for newer models, sometimes for older ones also.

Reasons to choose a PVTech ECU product:

    • Simple User Interface
    • Efficiency
    • ECU reprogramming using the diagnostic plug
    • Access to all available ECU parameters
    • Regular free updates
    • Immediate personal customer support
    • Single device to flash all ECU brands
    • Following manufacturers’ standards and protocols
    • Transparent Tune in the factory diagnostic tool

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