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PVTech ECU Management – Yamaha Edition

Official Release!


The world’s only ECU Tuning product for Yamaha CryptonX135, YZF-R125, YZF-R250, YZF-R3, XT660, TMAX500, TMAX530, Raptor 700 has gone Kline.
There is no more need to cut the ECU in order to reflash. Easy reflash procedure thru the bike’s diagnostic plug or ECU’s main connector.
The new version uses the OpenPort 2.0 Interface from Tactrix.
This is the world’s first plug and play solution for those bikes that gives you full access to all the settings of the OEM ECU.
Settings include base fuel and ignition maps, fuel and ignition compensation maps, rev limiters and more as new settings/maps are confirmed and added everday.
Tune your bikes to the limit using our “PVTech ECU Management – Yamaha Edition” solution!

Supported bikes :

  • Crypton X135
  • YZF-R125
  • YZF-R250
  • YZF-R3
  • XT660 (all models)
  • TMAX500
  • TMAX530
  • RAPTOR 700
  • Grizzly
  • YBR125
  • MT03
  • more models are added

Settings :

  • Base Fuel Maps
  • Base Ignition Maps
  • Fuel Compensation Maps based on sensors like ECT and IAT
  • Ignition Compensation Maps based on sensors like ECT and IAT
  • Rev Limiters
  • Switches for Diagnostic Checks
  • More to be added soon

Features :

  • 3D and 2D view of maps
  • Realtime Data View of sensors and RPM (TO BE ADDED SOON)
  • Auto Checksum Correction
  • Each tune is locked to the tuner. No one can read the tune without permission
  • Each tuner can purchase modified firmware for each model and add more features to the stock ECU.
  • No need to cut the ECU.
  • Reflash thru the bike’s diagnostic plug or ECU’s main connector.

Licensing :

  • Licensed on a single computer
  • Cable interface is “tied” to the license
  • Each ECU tuned is tied to the license using VIN number of the motorcycle. (VIN is verified on the server)
  • Each license comes with free credits for 3 VINs and one vehicle module. Additional credits must be purchased for each additional VIN.
  • Additional vehicle modules can be purchased to support another bike model from the “supported bikes” list.

Pricing :

  • Individuals in EU will be charged 24% Greek VAT.
  • Companies in EU need to send us a registered EU VAT.
  • Individuals and Companies in the rest of the world wont be charged with 24% Greek VAT.
  • Customer pays the additional shipping cost for the adapter cable.
  • OpenPort 2.0 must be bought directly from Tactrix.
  • Prices do not include the OpenPort2.0 price.
  • Payments are done using wire transfer or paypal.

After your payment is confirmed you will receive a download link for the software and a tracking number for the adapter cable.

Prices start at 449€. Please Contact Us for a quote or for dealer’s pricing.

Screenshots and more.